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Catering and Events are opportunities for us to work more closely with our guests. Consider hiring us for your next event! Head over to the Catering Page for more information!


Bubble Tea Bar

Bubble Tea Bar


Do you have an event coming up but just can't find the right venue? Rent out our space at Blend Bubble Tea! We are perfect for all ages whether you want to host a child's birthday party, a sweet sixteen, or even a congratulatory wedding/baby shower! There's nothing more comforting than being with your friends and sharing your favourite drinks. We provide that along with friendly and memorable customer service, great music, and we are conveniently located within the lower mainland.


Servicing Metro Vancouver, Blend Bubble Tea is happy to be the first bubble tea shop that can bring our Bubble Tea Bar to you! We make drinks on the spot at your event. Head over to our Catering Page!

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